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If it’s tax related (and sometimes not), but not federal or international, an issue or matter will often land on the desk of the state and local tax professional for resolution. Rather than shift these issues elsewhere, as SALT professionals, we say BRING THEM ON!

AT CT Tax, we have years of practical experience helping our clients manage or put to rest the multitude of SALT issues that arise across the country.

  • City business and license taxes (e.g., San Francisco’s payroll tax)
  • Unclaimed property
  • Credits and incentives (e.g., California Enterprise Zone credits)
  • Property tax compliance assistance
  • Payroll tax compliance assistance
  • Other indirect tax controversy assistance (i.e., audits, protests, settlements and appeals)
  • Local tax voluntary disclosures
  • Other indirect tax accounting assistance (e.g., ASC 450 analysis for reserve establishment and/or release)
  • Local tax refund reviews (i.e., “Reverse Audits”)

Give us a call, we can help!


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